Are there any setup fees?
In most cases, the answer is no. Our goal is a long-term partnership wherein our setup costs are recouped through years of successful cooperation.
What is included in setup?
During the setup phase, myfulfillMATE will work with your company to determine the best path for integration. In most cases this includes (via Amazon) Listing Creation, Brand Registry, Enhanced Brand Content and a Storefront. In order to maintain a common brand message, we request that clients provide myfulfillMATE with necessary digital assets such as photos, videos and written copy.
What about sales tax collection?
MyfulfillMATE has the necessary infrastructure in place to manage sales tax collection in any state. Sales tax collection is an important aspect of the overall business model chosen and we will work with your company to identify the most efficient model.

Our standard business model incorporates arms-length transactions wherein all sales tax liability for ecommerce transactions is borne completely by myFulfillmate.

Do we have to be exclusive?
Because of the upfront investment, as well as the structure of many tools within Amazon, we do require exclusive distribution for the channel in which we work.
What type of products do you handle?
MyfulfillMATE specializes in products that require additional care or packaging. These products include fragile items, liquids, and glass.
Do we need to make special packaging?
No. We accept your current, distribution-ready packaging. We prepare your products with any additional packaging necessary to protect during the e commerce cycle.